Red Toadstool Corner Handmade Apron by Kidz Designs

Red Toadstool Corner Handmade Apron by Kidz Designs

Kidz Designs handmade 'Toadstool Corner Apron' in red is a great favourite for girls and boys!  Our use of block colour contrasts dramatically with the large pocket, including vertical seam, in a gorgeous toadstool print with fantastic colourways.  The toadstool print is full of wonderful character and organic too!  We love it at Kidz Designs!  A very cute Apron which we think is just fabulous.


All of our handmade Aprons are made to a high standard using high quality 100% cottons on the pockets including some with GOTS Certified Premium Organic Cottons for a touch of luxury, and a durable 100% cotton drill for the main body of the apron. All our aprons are machine washable on a cool setting.


Kidz Designs handmade Aprons are the perfect gift for both boys and girls and a great idea for birthday presents which need to be sent by post as they are so light weight and compact.  We offer a delightful mix and contrast of block colours alongside lovingly sourced designer patterned fabrics on pockets to create a bespoke overall look for kids. 


Apron:                  100% Cotton Drill

Pockets:               High quality 100% GOTS Certified Premium

                            Organic Cotton

Size/Age:              2-3 yrs (Small);  4-5 yrs (Medium); 6-7 yrs (Large)

Colour:                  Red






















Red Toadstool Corner Handmade Apron by Kidz Designs


£14.00  £9.50